Speed Training

 Take your speed to the next level with a larger training surface, higher incline, faster speed, and wider foot rails, the Tuff Tread Elite treadmill brings versatility to your speed training.  The lightweight harness system provides safety and security for everyone from the rehab patient to the high speed athlete.  Our performance treadmill is designed to expand your workout capabilities beyond what is possible on a typical track or treadmill.

Trusted by top athletes and coaches, our sports performance treadmill is built for training “outside the box.”  With a range of high speeds, incline heights, and training functions, we will be with you step by step as you take your game to the next level.  Personal training with NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialists paired with our high-quality treadmill can enhance the effectiveness of your workouts and challenge your limits.

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Speed Training Protocols

Our speed training protocols are a set of scientifically developed protocols that have been refined and perfected over the last 20+ years to rapidly develop athletes beyond their normal capabilities to build sustainable SPEED, POWER, AGILITY, and ENDURANCE with OPTIMAL RUNNING FORM, and EFFICIENCY.  These translate to peak performance and injury prevention in whatever sport the athlete competes.

We are licensed to perform these specific protocols to train athletes to the fullest.  Our NSCA certified staff is highly trained and knowledgeable to help athletes improve in strength, power, and speed.

After completing just the first protocol shortly after the end of track season we have seen 5A state track medalist athletes increase their speed by 3-7 mph with additional increases in power and strength.  

To keep our athletes at the top of their game our protocols also include core strength, flexibility, and reaction time training. 

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